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Classic Dine In Dishes

Our KARAHI Prepared with fresh ginger, garlic, tomatoes, green chilli, coriander & flavored with herbs and spices.

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA Boneless chicken tikka pieces cooked on chargrill & mixed with tikka sauce cream & coconut to give mild creamy taste.

And obviously much much just look at our Menu

Alibaba Restaurant

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Aibaba Menus

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Seek Kebab

Spicy or medium

Only £2.40

Chicken Donner

With fresh naan or bread

Only £3.50

Lamb Tikka

Roasted on flame

Only £3.50



Mushroom Rice

fried rice with mushroom

Only £3.00

Rice Curry

Rice with fresh curry suace

Only £2.30


Vegetable or meat somosa

Only £2.40

Chef's Specials

unforgetable taste

Shahi Korma

sweet and Fruity

From £7.00


avaiable in chicken or lamb

From £7.40

Lahor i Grill

Hot coocked with fresh chillie

From £7.00

Meet & Vegi Burgers

chicken meat cheese veg

From £2.8

Achari & Desi

madras vindaloo dansak

From £7.00


BBQ classic Funky hawaiian

From £4.5

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